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About GlidePath

GlidePath has a unique background that benefits you.

Our founders (Jack Waymire, Ron Surz) have institutional backgrounds and more than 80 years of combined wealth management experience.

Jack and Ron spent several years at a Wall Street firm that provided financial advice and services to corporate, union, and public pension plans. Their advice influenced the investment of billions of dollars.

The GlidePath Idea

They knew millions of people, not institutions, pay excessive fees, commissions, and other expenses for inferior financial advice, services, and performance.

GlidePath Wealth Management was born when our founders asked if there was a way to deliver institutional-quality financial advice and services to individuals and families for an all-inclusive fee that started at less than 1% of their assets.

Financial Technology

How can GlidePath deliver institutional-quality advice for a relatively low fee? The financial advisors we work with have virtual relationships with their clients – no wasted time travelling to and from meetings. Plus, state-of-the-art financial technology manages, trades, and administers client portfolios.

The $7 Trillion Solution

GlidePath’s institutional-quality investment services are based on an extraordinarily popular wealth management service that people use to accumulate retirement assets inside 401k plans – Target Date Funds using investment glide paths.

This investment service had virtually no assets in 2006, $2 trillion of assets by 2019, and will have an estimated $7 trillion of assets by 2025.

A Better Solution

Target Date Funds are mutual funds that pool assets for investment based on the year people plan to retire. Because assets are pooled for investment, everyone in the fund is invested exactly the same. That is not the GlidePath way. We know all 50-year-olds are not the same. They have different circumstances, goals, concerns, and requirements.

That is why all GlidePath clients are invested separately. Every GlidePath client has his or her own portfolio. Instead of managing a few model portfolios, GlidePath can manage thousands of individual portfolios that have their own unique characteristics.

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