We serve the financial needs of individuals and families

Who We Serve

We serve individual investors.

Our principal type of client is an individual or couple who is accumulating or preserving assets to:

  • Achieve financial security during working years
  • Send their children to the right colleges and universities
  • Retire when they want to
  • Maintain their desired standard of living during retirement years
  • Experience financial security late in life when they need it the most

Financial Life Stages

You may be in one of the three primary stages of your financial life. Or each primary stage has secondary stages that are most often based on age and risk tolerance:

  • Working Years (Early, Mid, Late)
  • Transition Years (Before/After Retirement)
  • Retirement Years (Early, Mid, Late)

Your Working Years

During working years, your focus is on the accumulation of assets for:

  • Financial security and retirement
  • Sending your children to the right schools
  • Enhancing your current lifestyle (second home, travel, etc.)
  • Adding assets to your retirement nest egg (IRAs, personal accounts)

You may be in your early, mid, or late-stage working years.

Your Transition Years

If you’re getting ready to transition from working years to retirement, we can help you put together a plan and an investment strategy that minimizes the risk of loss. Excessive risk exposure during transition years can produce catastrophic consequences. For example, the stock market crash of 2008 reduced some peoples’ available retirement assets by 30% or more.

Your Retirement Years

Whether you’ve recently retired or have been retired for a while, we work with you to develop a strategic plan for managing your assets during all of your retirement years. You and your spouse live comfortably for the rest of your lives.

Our principal focus is on helping you avoid spending principal so your assets produce income for the rest of your life. Rising longevity makes this process more complicated than it used to be. That’s because prolonged lifespans can produce additional financial burdens that will be increasingly expensive – for example, a spouse who resides in an assisted living, skilled nursing, or memory care facility for several years.

Wealth management services for all three phases of your financial life:
  • Working Years (Early, Mid, Late)
  • Transition Years (Before/After Retirement)
  • Retirement Years (Early, Mid, Late)

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