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Sometimes, what financial advisors don’t say is more important than what they do say.

You should not have to ask the right questions to obtain the information you need to select the best financial advisor.

Financial advisors, who have nothing to hide, should volunteer and document key information about their business practices,  services, and fees.

QQ: How does GlidePath provide institutional-quality services to individual investors?

Our money management service uses glide paths, Target Date Portfolios, low-cost exchange-traded funds, and global portfolio management principles.

QQ: What is the difference between a Target Date Fund and GlidePath’s Target Date Portfolio?

Target Date Funds are mutual funds that pool assets for investment. Everyone in the funds is invested exactly the same. GlidePath clients have their own portfolios (no pooling) that are tailored to their specific circumstances, requirements, tolerances for risk, and goals.

QQ: What is an investment glide path?

Not to be confused with the name of our firm, a glide path is a time-tested investment process that is used by our Target Date Portfolios to automatically reduce your exposure to investment risk as you approach important dates such as the year you retire.

QQ: What is an Invest-For-100 glide path?

You and/or your spouse may live 35 or more years after you retire. You need an investment strategy that produces financial security late in life for both spouses.

QQ: What is Risk Zone management?

This is an optional GlidePath service that is used to reduce the risk for the five years before and after a target date – for example, the year you plan to retire. Major losses (2000-2002 and 2008) in the securities markets at or near your targeted retirement date can damage your standard of living and financial security. 

QQ: What financial services are specifically provided by GlidePath Wealth Management?

We are a planning and money management firm. Most often our money management service is the implementation of our planning service. Planning is the roadmap for our clients’ financial futures.

QQ: When GlidePath is my manager, what firm has physical possession of my assets?

GlidePath does not take physical possession of client assets. GlidePath’s policy to work with custodians that are brand name firms based on longevity, credibility, and assets.

QQ: Does GlidePath have a minimum asset requirement for its services?

Yes, our minimum account size is $100,000 so we can adequately diversify our clients’ assets.

QQ: Does GlidePath have a minimum fee requirement?

Yes, our minimum fee is $1,500 per year if the advisors do not provide planning advice and services. Our minimum fee is $2,000 per year if the advisors provide planning advice and services.

QQ: Does GlidePath’s all-in fee cover planning and investment services?

Yes, one fee covers both services.

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