You need facts when you select a financial advisor

Our Business Practices

We want to make your selection process safe and easy.

You need high quality financial advice and services you can trust.

Your challenge is measuring trust when you select an advisor who will influence your financial decisions.

We believe trust starts with our willingness to document key business practices that impact your financial well-being.

Why document key practices? Your selection decision is too important to rely on verbal information (sales presentations).

These GlidePath business practices impact our relationship with you.

Your Financial Interests Must Come First

We believe you deserve a financial fiduciary who is required to put your interests first.

Full Transparency

We believe you deserve full, voluntary disclosure for all of the information that impacts your financial well-being.

Institutional-Quality Services

We believe you deserve advanced planning and institutional-quality investment services that rival what is provided to corporate retirement plans.

Low-Cost Advice and Services

We believe you deserve a low-cost structure that enables you to retain more of your money for your future use.


We believe you should be able to compensate your financial advisor with a fee and not a commission – the same way you compensate other professionals (CPAs, attorneys) you depend on for specialized advice and services.

Continuous Advice & Services

We believe you deserve ongoing financial advice and services and not a one-time sales pitch that is used to sell investment products.  

Unlimited Access to Information

We believe you deserve monthly reports, online access to portfolio data, and quarterly reviews with your personal financial advisor.

Financial Coaching

We believe you deserve coaching for life events that impact the achievement of your financial goals – for example, your transition from working years to retirement years.

Free Guide: Your Guide for Selecting the Best Financial Advisor

Hiring the best financial advisor for your financial future is one of the most important decisions you can make. Our free guide provides you with an objective process to use when interviewing advisors.