Congressional Chairs Ask Government Watchdog to Review Funds Responsible for the Retirement Security of Millions

Jul 12, 2021
Two Congressional Chairs have authorized a review of target-date funds (TDFs) The last such review was in 2009, and all […]

Congressional Request for Review of Target Date Fund Risk

Jun 28, 2021
On May 7, 2021, 401(k)Specialist magazine published Concern Over ‘Certain’ TDF Risks Prompt Congressional Request for GAO Review, reporting that: […]

Another Reason the Stock Market Bubble Continues to Inflate: Inflation Fears

Jun 21, 2021
Investors believe stocks protect against inflation But zero interest rates support high stock price Can high inflation co-exist with zero […]

Behavioral Finance Explains the Stock Market Bubble

Jun 7, 2021
The factors that are inflating the stock market are in fact behavioral biases. Because biases are built into the human […]

Should Baby Boomers Buy Annuities and Other Investment Risk Mitigators

May 17, 2021
The main investment objective of baby boomers should be to protect their savings so they last a lifetime. Annuities are […]

These 78 Million People With $60 Trillion Need Serious Help Right Now: Read our free Book

May 6, 2021
This decade of the 2020s will see at least one major market correction sometime in the not too distant future. […]

Monetizing the Colossal Costs of COVID-19 : Baby Boomers Be Wary of Costs That Exceed World War II

May 3, 2021
COVID has cost $5.2 trillion so far. World War II cost $4.7 trillion. Mountains of money cause inflation Inflation causes […]

Are Baby Boomers Being Hustled by the U.S. Government and Wall Street?

Apr 26, 2021
Our recent economic experience could be driven by a con game, a hustle. The TV series “Hustle” follows a template […]

Why All the Fuss About a Return Toward Normalcy?

Apr 19, 2021
Interest on 10-year government bonds has increased a little, but concerns have increased a lot There are costs and benefits […]

COVID-19 Attacks the Financial Security of Baby Boomers

Apr 1, 2021
9 expensiveness measures indicate a bubble in the US stock market. Don’t be one of the baby boomers who is […]

US Stock Market Prices Have Increased 75% in the Past 11 Months, a 3.6 Sigma Event

Mar 8, 2021
The S&P500 has increased 75% in the past 11 months, an excessively big deal From current levels, it will take […]

Forecasts of 2021 Stock Market Performance Are Overly Optimistic

Mar 1, 2021
Two basic underlying assumptions are uniformly optimistic. Threats to the economy and stock market are rarely discussed or reflected in […]