Baby Boomers Should Not Play the Dippity-Do Investment Game

Nov 22, 2021
Last year, after the March market correction, I warned baby boomers against buying the dip. Since the market rebounded 100%, […]

Don’t Swim in the Deep End of the Pool: Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs) Can Be Dangerous

Nov 1, 2021
PEPs are the latest 401(k) rage, but employers will find that a PEP can be an asset or a liability. […]

What is China Doing to Its Stock Market and Why? A Hypothesis.

Oct 11, 2021
The US stock market is thriving while China’s stock market deteriorates. China could intervene to limit stock market losses, but […]

Hanging by a ZIRP Thread While Poking the Hegemony Bear

Sep 27, 2021
The stock market and economy are hanging by a thread over an economic abyss. That thread is zero interest rates. […]

The Baby Boomer Financial Survival Guide: Beware of Wall Street

Sep 20, 2021
The pat 60/40 stock/bond allocation will destroy baby boomer lives in the next market correction that many believe will happen […]

5 Ways the Stock Market is Different This Time: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Sep 13, 2021
“It’s different this time” is usually not true. This time it is. Will we get amplifying extremes or returns toward […]

Inflation is Looming, and it’s Also Hiding in Plain View

Aug 16, 2021
There’s no doubt that the US government has printed an unprecedented amount of money since 2009: more than $10 trillion […]

Congressional Chairs Ask Government Watchdog to Review Funds Responsible for the Retirement Security of Millions

Jul 12, 2021
Two Congressional Chairs have authorized a review of target-date funds (TDFs) The last such review was in 2009, and all […]

Congressional Request for Review of Target Date Fund Risk

Jun 28, 2021
On May 7, 2021, 401(k)Specialist magazine published Concern Over ‘Certain’ TDF Risks Prompt Congressional Request for GAO Review, reporting that: […]

Another Reason the Stock Market Bubble Continues to Inflate: Inflation Fears

Jun 21, 2021
Investors believe stocks protect against inflation But zero interest rates support high stock price Can high inflation co-exist with zero […]

Behavioral Finance Explains the Stock Market Bubble

Jun 7, 2021
The factors that are inflating the stock market are in fact behavioral biases. Because biases are built into the human […]

Should Baby Boomers Buy Annuities and Other Investment Risk Mitigators

May 17, 2021
The main investment objective of baby boomers should be to protect their savings so they last a lifetime. Annuities are […]