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COVID-19 Attacks the Financial Security of Baby Boomers

Apr 1, 2021
9 expensiveness measures indicate a bubble in the US stock market. Don’t be one of the baby boomers who is […]

A Primer on Retirement Savings Accounts

Dec 28, 2020
Most people who have saved for retirement are invested in several accounts. Consolidating savings accounts makes sense because it simplifies […]

A Foreboding Outlook for the US Stock Market in the Decade of the 2020s

Dec 7, 2020
There is a formula for forecasting future stock returns. Its accuracy depends on forecasts of future Price/Earnings ratios. Crestmont Research […]

Four Pillars of Smart Retirement Investing

Nov 30, 2020
Game-Changing Tools That Prevent Stupid Mistakes.       It was easy to be “smart” in the past decade. The markets produced great […]

The Best Investment Strategy for IRAs

Nov 2, 2020
IRAs are invested 60/40 in stocks/bonds regardless of age and individual needs. A better approach is to follow a target […]

The Stock Market Will Reconnect with the Direction of the Economy. Then what?

Oct 5, 2020
There are two reasons why the stock market is disconnected from the economy. Both have huge price tags. Ideally, the […]

The Economy is Suffering a Stroke, not Sniffles. Expensive Federal Relief Medicine is Placebo.

Sep 21, 2020
There is currently a huge unparalleled disconnect between the economy and the stock market. Federal intervention is one of the […]

Baby Boomers Should not “Stay the Course” Because Most Are on the Wrong Course

Aug 17, 2020
The standard advice in market corrections like the one in the first quarter of 2020 is to “Stay the Course” […]

Baby Boomer Fast Facts

Jun 25, 2020
Our 78 million baby boomers are in the crosshairs of serious economic risks that are likely to happen in this […]

How Will 78 Million Baby Boomers Pay for Their Retirement Years?

Jun 8, 2020
Most of our 78 million baby boomers have not saved enough to last the rest of their lives. Many will […]