A Dozen Reasons Why Covid-19 is More Like Arthritis Than the Flu

Covid-19 is thought to be like the common flu because both are viruses, but the effects of Covid mirror those of arthritis more closely.  Older readers will identify with this point of view more than younger readers, but I think you’ll get the point. Here are the similarities.

  1. Both Covid and arthritis are most debilitating to the old.
  2. Arthritis usually leads to joint replacements, like hips and knees.  Covid leads to replacing lungs with breathing machines, temporarily.
  3. Joint replacement patients spend days in the hospital, as do those infected by the virus.
  4. A single knee or hip replacement is just the beginning. More are likely to follow. Covid impacts on the economy are just beginning.

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  1. After a replacement, the patient is never the same. For example, (s)he might never run or jump again. The economy will never be the same again.
  2. Most replacement patients want to believe that they will be as good as new after some amount of time, that time will heal them. Investors see a “better than ever” stock market when the virus goes away, and they are betting on it now.
  3. Recovery from surgery is a long tedious process. Many see the economic recovery from Covid taking at least 2 years.
  4. Recovering patients are anxious to get back to normal, climbing stairs and driving cars well before they should. Cooped up citizens are revolting, getting back to normal well before the all-clear has been sounded.
  5. Treatment of arthritis, including replacements, is expensive. There is no price that can be put on the loss of life, but the government has committed to $3-5 trillion in relief. This helicopter money will likely erupt into hyperinflation years down the road, so the ultimate price is to be determined.
  6. The good news is that arthritis is common, so we know how to deal with it. We’re learning how to deal with Covid and will probably have a vaccine soon.
  7. Each individual stricken by arthritis has a unique experience. Individual countries are dealing with Covid differently and have their own unique experiences.
  8. Replacement patients are susceptible to infections and must take antibiotics before certain procedures, like dental work. There are many other threats to the US economy beyond Covid that have now become more dangerous. An infection (bad event) now could be catastrophic.

That all said, there is one big difference between arthritis and Covid. The entire world is suffering from Covid.