GlidePath Wealth Management

Our Founder

Ronald Surz, CEO & Chief Investment Officer 

Ron Surz has held senior positions in the Investment Consulting and Financial Services industry since 1972 and is currently CEO and Chief Investment Officer at GlidePath Wealth Management (GWM), managing personalized target date portfolios.

Starting in 1972, Ron served as Senior Vice President, Consulting, and Head of Investment Policy Consulting at AG Becker/SEI, then one of the financial industry’s largest and most prestigious consulting firms.  In 1986 Ron was a co-founder and principal of Becker/Burke, an investment consulting firm that provided strategic planning, portfolio and manager evaluation, and performance monitoring services to institutional retirement plans, trusts, foundations and endowments. 

In 1992, Ron joined Glenwood Financial Group, a fund-of-funds hedge fund, where he developed institutional relationships and analyzed prospective managers. In 1996 Ron joined Roxbury Capital Management where he was the Managing Director of Institutional Business Development.

In 2007 Ron co-founded Target Date Analytics LLC (TDA) with two partners to provide benchmarking and consulting services for target date lifecycle funds.  He left TDA in 2009 to launch his own service as Target Date Solutions (TDS), a subsidiary of PPCA, a Registered Investment Advisor.

Ron developed and patented the Safe Landing Glide Path® for target date funds and since 2008 has managed the SMART Target Date Fund Index at Hand Benefit & Trust, Houston.

Ron co-founded GlidePath Wealth Management in 2018. 

Ron’s original research has been extensively published. His most recent book is the Remarkable Metamorphosis of Target Date Funds, a sequel to his previous book written with two co-authors, the Fiduciary Handbook for Understanding and Selecting Target Date Funds.  He had a standing column in the Journal of Financial Services Professionals and has been published in many other highly respected periodicals including: Seeking Alpha, Horsesmouth,  the Journal of Investing, The Journal of Portfolio Management, The Financial Analysts Journal, The Journal of Performance Measurement, Pensions & Investments, Senior Consultant, IMCA Monitor,  Albourne Village, Producers Web, Pension Fund Investment Management, Portfolio & Investment Management, the Handbook of Equity Style Management, and he is co-editor of a book on hedge funds entitled Hedge Funds: Definitive Strategies and Techniques. 

Ron has also been active with the Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA) and served as a member of its Board of Directors from 1998 to 2007.  He also served IMCA as Chairman of its Standards of Practice Board and Editor of the IMCA Monitor, and was liaison to the Committee on Alternative Investment Strategies, and President of the Southern California Financial Consultants Society.  Ron was also a member of the After-Tax Performance Reporting Standards Sub-committee for the CFA Institute (formerly AIMR) and the Institute’s Investment Performance Council and Investor Consultant GIPS Committee. He also served on the Advisory Committee for the State of Alaska Pension System and currently serves on the advisory board of Sortino Investment Advisors.

Ron graduated summa cum laude from the University of Illinois (Chicago) with a BS in Applied Mathematics in 1967. He earned an MS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Illinois (Chicago) in 1969. Ron earned an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business, in 1974.