Baby Boomer Fast Facts

Our 78 million baby boomers are in the crosshairs of serious economic risks that are likely to happen in this decade. COVID-19 is just an example. This decade is critical to baby boomers because they are transitioning from working life into retirement, a time period that has been named the Risk Zone. Investment losses sustained in the Risk Zone can ruin retirements even if markets recover. The bottom line, baby boomers need to protect their lifetime savings. The traditional advice of 60/40 stocks/bonds is way too risky because baby boomers are in the Risk Zone and stock and bond markets will crash sometime in this decade.



Most baby boomers – 55 million of them – will have a tough time making ends meet in retirement. They will rely heavily on family, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Top 5 Retirement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The other 23 million baby boomers should be financially fine if they protect their savings. Investment losses can be devastating to this group and could move them into the group of the 55 million who are struggling.