The creation and management of wealth is a 5-step process

What We Do

We use a five-step process to deliver the advice and services you need to achieve your financial goals. There are no short-cuts when your financial security is at stake.


Your financial advisor starts by learning more about you:

  • The purpose of the assets
  • Your financial concerns
  • Your current circumstances
  • Your financial requirements
  • Your tolerance for risk (low, moderate, high)
  • Your financial stage in life (working, transition, retirement years)
  • Your financial security requirements late in life


Your financial advisor’s comprehensive planning services produce your roadmap for achieving your financial goals.

  • Financial Planning
  • College Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Charitable Planning


A critical step is the investment of assets that are held in various accounts (IRA, personal, trust) outside of qualified retirement plans (401ks). These assets may serve a number of different purposes starting with retirement and financial security – or, college educations for children and enhanced future lifestyles.


Communication is a critical step in the wealth management process. Financial advisors use a combination of conference calls, reports, and emails to keep you fully informed about: Your portfolio holdings and performance, the securities markets, investment outlooks, and their recommendations.


Your financial needs will change over time. The role of the financial advisor is to recommend necessary changes as required. Identifying the need for change and making the changes are two of the advisors most important responsibilities.

Your financial requirements change over time. Your advisor makes sure  your financial plan changes with your requirements.

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