We manage individual portfolios tailored to your specific needs

Asset Management Services

We manage five types of portfolios that are based on your current circumstances, tolerance for risk, investment horizon, and financial goals.

We combine our patented glide path investment process with Nobel Prize-winning investment strategy to provide a unique selection of portfolio management services for every phase of your financial life:

  • Target Date Portfolios for working years
  • Risk Zone Management Portfolios for transition years
  • Invest-for-100 Portfolios for retirement years
  • Risk Managed Portfolios for catastrophic events
  • Special Situation Portfolios for other investment objectives

Target Date Portfolios (Working Years)

You may be familiar with Target Date Funds if you are/were a participant in a 401k plan. $2 trillion of retirement assets are already invested in these funds. The assets in these funds are expected to grow to $7 trillion by 2025.

Target Date Funds are mutual funds. Everyone in a fund is invested exactly the same. GlidePath does not manage Target Date “Funds”. We manage Target Date “Portfolios”. Each portfolio is managed separately and tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.  

We make it possible to manage assets in your IRAs and personal accounts the same way your assets are managed in a 401k – only better.

Risk Zone Management Portfolios (Transition)

An example of a risk zone is the years immediately before and after your retirement date. You are at maximum financial risk during these years because the value of your assets have peaked and you are transitioning from working years to retirement years.

What risk? What if you planned to retire at the end of 2008. Based on the percent of assets invested in common stocks, you could have lost 20% to 35% of the market value of your assets. The magnitude of this loss could have caused you to defer your retirement, reduce your standard of living, or take a part-time job. We would call these catastrophic consequences.

This is an example of a critical Risk Zone. We provide a specialized portfolio management service that manages this risk during your transition years.

Invest-for-100 Portfolios (Retirement Years)

You may not think about living to age 100, but it will be a reality for millions of baby boomers, Gen Xers, and millennials.

Rapidly rising longevity creates several unique financial challenges. The biggest challenge is running out of money late in life when you need it the most and have very few options.

GlidePath has developed a unique portfolio management service that deals with the risk of outliving your assets.

You may have used a Target Date “Fund” to accumulate assets during your working years. GlidePath has developed Target Date “Portfolios” you can use to manage your assets during your retirement years.

The same principles guide the performance of your assets. You need performance to offset the three forms of erosion: Distributions, inflation, and expenses/taxes. And, you need risk management to preserve the value of your assets for your future use.

Risk Managed Portfolios

We provide an investment service for investors who are concerned about the financial impact of catastrophic events in global markets. For example: A severe stock market crash, a prolonged recession, the impact of Covid, increasing national debt ($25 trillion and rising), bad monetary policy, and global trade wars.

Our portfolios cannot eliminate these risks, but we can reduce their impact on our clients’ financial well-being.

Special Purpose Portfolios

GlidePath also manages portfolios that serve special purposes:

  • Savings for financial security (working years, retirement years)
  • Fund college educations for children
  • Sudden wealth (retirement, inheritance, sale of a business)
  • Enhanced lifestyles (second homes)

Some assets, for example saving for college, also have target dates. Some assets, for example financial security, do not have target dates.

We combine our patented glide path investment strategy with Nobel Prize-winning investment theory to provide unique portfolio management services for your assets.


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