Make sure you ask the right interview questions

Interviewing Financial Advisors

Now that you have learned more about us by visiting our website, your next step is to Contact Us to schedule a 15 minute no obligation call.

In a few minutes, you will know if we are one of the firms you want to interview in more detail.

Contact Us

You can call our toll free number (800.841.9232) or complete our Contact Us form, so we can respond to your request.

We protect your privacy. This information is not shared with any other firm. Read our strict Privacy Policy for more information.

15 Minute Conversation

You ask us a few questions to make sure we meet all of your requirements.

30 Minute Interview

You have learned a lot about our firm’s background and services on this website. The purpose of a more in-depth interview is to dig a little deeper into who we are, what we do, and who we serve. For example, you may want to know more about our:

  • Credentials (experience, education, certifications)
  • Services (planning and investing are the two key services)
  • Pricing (an all-inclusive asset based fee)
  • Reporting (meetings, statements, performance)

Second Interview

Your advisor selection decision should not be based on one interview.

Prudent investors conduct second interviews to gather additional information and check first impressions.

Make Your Selection Decision

Your goal is to select the best financial advisor, not the advisor with the best sales skills.

You have reviewed the information that is available online.

You have conducted in-depth interviews to gather more information.

You select the advisor that understands your needs the best and provides the highest quality services

Virtual Interviews & Meetings

Our interviews can be conducted over the Internet using various services. You do not have to add any technology at your end.

We believe you can learn everything you need to know about advisors on the Internet and by conducting online interviews.

In fact, the Internet opens the door to vast amounts of information about financial advisors. And, what you can’t find on the Internet you can uncover in the interviews.


Let’s schedule a convenient, no obligation call to discuss how we can help you achieve your financial goals.