What happens
if you select GlidePath?

Your decision starts a step-by-step process

The following steps have one purpose. Help you achieve your financial goals.

All of our services are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Initial Consultation

Your dedicated financial advisor conducts an initial consultation to learn more about your goals, past experiences with advisors, cincumstances, and any concerns you may have. This onboarding process facilitates the next step in the process (planning).

Financial Plan

This is a critical step in the process. Just like long road trips start with maps, your financial journey starts with a plan. The financial plan is tailored to fit your specific requirements.

Based on circumstances, your financial advisor will consolidate the various types of planning into one multi-faceted, cohesive roadmap: Financial, College, Retirement, Estate, Charitable, and Tax.

You approve the plan before GlidePath invests your assets.

Portfolio Management

Once the plan is in place, the next step is the investment of your assets. Our portfolio management service is based on three critical factors that have the greatest impact on the achievement of your financial goals:

  • What is your tolerance for risk?
  • What is your time horizon?
  • What are your performance expectations?

Service Meetings & Reports

You have the option of quarterly service meetings. Your financial advisor will schedule quarterly calls to review the performance of your portfolio, answer your questions, and discuss any strategic issues that could impact the future performance of your assets.

Plus, there is extensive reporting and online access so you have all of the information you need to monitor the performance of your assets:

  • Monthly custodial statements
  • Quarterly performance measurement reports
  • Quarterly market environment reports
  • Annual risk assessment questionnaires
  • Annual plan reviews

Interim Calls

You can contact your financial advisor by telephone or email at any time during normal business hours to discuss your portfolio, financial plan, or any other issue or question.

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