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This page answers frequent questions that will help you compare GlidePath to other financial firms.

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How does GlidePath provide institutional quality investment management services?

We use a patented glide path investment process, Nobel prize winning theory, target date portfolios (not funds), and global investments to manage your assets.

Does GlidePath specialize in a particular type of financial advice and services?

We specialize in the planning and management of retirement assets that are held outside 401k plans (IRAs, personal accounts).

How is GlidePath compensated for its advice and services?

GlidePath’s only method of compensation is a fully disclosed, all inclusive, asset-based fee.

What services are provided by GlidePath?

GlidePath provides planning and portfolio management services including the selection of investments and the buy/sell decisions.

Are there any additional fees for GlidePath services?

None. The one all-inclusive fee covers all expenses. There are no hidden fees, commissions, or transaction charges.

Do I have my own advisor?

Yes, every GlidePath client has a dedicated financial advisor.

How do I communicate with my advisor?

Telephone and Internet are the two most frequently used methods. You also have the option of using Zoom to view the information that is being discussed. Face-to-face meetings are possible in certain locations.

Why does GlidePath recommend the option of virtual advisors?

We can deliver high quality advice and services for reduced fees anywhere in America. We can spend more time working for clients and less time commuting to and from meetings.

Does GlidePath pool my assets with other clients?

No we do not. All GlidePath clients have their own portfolios. This enables us to tailor each portfolio to our clients’ specific requirements (goals, horizon, risk tolerance).

What is my next step if I want to speak to someone about GlidePath services?

Contact us to schedule a convenient day and time to talk.

Our principal focus is retirement assets that are being accumulated or preserved outside of qualified plans (401ks). For example, you may have a rollover IRA if you have changed jobs or are currently retired.


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