Lower expenses produce higher net returns

Our All-Inclusive Service Fee

Every dollar of expense is one less dollar you will have for your future use.

There are two ways to ask financial advisors about the cost of their services:

  • What is the cost of your advice and services? The answer might be 1% of your assets
  • What is the fully-loaded cost of your advice and services? The answer might be 2.5% of your assets or more

Why did the fees in the second response more than double? Because there can be layers and layers of third party fees, commissions, and transacation charges that are deducted from your assets.

Small differences in fees can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over longer time periods.

Our Full Disclosure

GlidePath has one all-inclusive fee:

  • There are no additional fees, commissions, or transaction charges
  • There are no hidden expenses

We practice full disclosure for our service fee (see below).

All-Inclusive Service Fee

One fee covers ALL of these services:

  • A dedicated financial advisor
  • Advanced financial planning
  • Global portfolio management
  • Low cost Exchange Traded Funds
  • Quarterly service calls
  • Performance reports
  • Custody and trading
  • Online access to portfolio data


GlidePath’s only method of compensation is a single, all-inclusive, asset-based fee that is deducted from an account that is designated by you.

Fee Schedule

GlidePath has a sliding schedule of fees. The more assets you place with us, the lower the incremental fee.

Our fee schedule is expressed in basis points because our initial fee is less than 1% (100 basis points = 1%):

  • 95 basis point on the first $500,000
  • 85 basis points on the next $500,000
  • 75 basis points on the next $1,000,000
  • 50 basis points on amounts over $2,000,000

Our minimum asset requirement is $100,000, so we can diversify your investments.

Our minimum fee requirements are $1,500 (with a financial plan) or $1,000 (without a financial plan).

Our service fee is billed quarterly-in-arrears. We are a pay as you go service.

Add 30 basis points to the above fee schedule if you require a financial advisor who will meet with you face-to-face.

You should require documented disclosure for all expenses that are deducted from your account(s). There should be no: surprises, hidden compensation, service initiation fees, undisclosed revenue-sharing, contractual periods, termination fees, commissions, or transaction charges.


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