Select the best advisor
for the right reasons

The Virtual Advice Alternative

Advisors use the Internet to provide GlidePath’s wealth management service anywhere in the country.

Why does virtual advice appeal to people who rely on advisors to help them achieve their financial goals?

Lower Cost

GlidePath recommends virtual financial advisors for one primary reason. It is the only way we can offer a sophisiticated suite of financial services for an all-inclusive fee that starts at less then 1%.

More High Quality Choices

You have more high quality choices when you interview virtual financial advisors. You are not limited to choices that are willing to drive to and from your home of office. Some advisors may require you to travel to their offices.

Best Virtual Advisor

You increase your odds of selecting the best financial advisor for the right reasons.

Face-to-face contacts maximizes the impact of the advisors’ sales skills. This increase your risk of selecting the advisor with the best sales skills versus the best knowledge, ethics, and business practices.

Increased Accessibility

The more time advisors spend travelling to and from meetings the less time they have to advise you and monitor the performance of your investments. For example, a one-hour meeting can have two hours of travel time. Advisors are 35% more accessible when they are not travelling to and from meetings.

Financial Technology

The Internet has impacted a lot of industries. For example, it makes virtual financial advice possible for three core reasons:

  • It facilitates communications
  • You can see and hear the information you need to make decisions
  • You have better access to your financial advisor

A New Paradigm

The old paradigm was based on a salesperson convincing you to buy; then the salesperson was responsible for managing the relationship.

The new paradigm makes it possible to communicate with the best financial professionals who are responsible for the delivery of their planning and investment advice.

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