Why Select Us?

Why Select Us?

We know selecting the best financial advisory firm is a challenge. In fact, we believe it is one of the most important decisions you make for your financial future.

Most financial firms provide similar services for similar fees. If they can’t differentiate their firms, how are you supposed to tell them apart and determine who is best for you?

We would like to make your selection process easier. This page describes 12 key features that describe GlidePath characteristics that benefit you.

This list is not in order of importance.

  1. We Are Financial Fiduciaries

We are financial fiduciaries who are held to the highest ethical standards in the financial service industry.

  1. Glide Path Investment Strategy (U.S. Patent Number: 8352349)

Our patented glide path investment strategy automatically reduces your risk exposure as your tolerance declines with age and circumstances.

  1. Nobel Prize Winning Financial Theory

Our investment strategy is based on the remarkable research and financial engineering of two Nobel Prize Winners: Dr. Harry Markowitz, Ph.D. (Efficient Market Hypothesis) and Dr. William Sharpe, Ph.D. (Capital Asset Pricing Model).

  1. Institutional Quality Investment Services

Our services are sophisticated enough to be used by institutional investors (pension plans). For example, we use a patented glide path service, Nobel Prize-winning research, proprietary technology, and exchange-traded funds to manage your assets.

  1. Low Expenses

We provide a complete package of virtual financial planning, advisory, and money management services for an all-in fee of less than 1%. There are no commissions, transaction charges, or additional fees.

  1. Target Date Asset Management

We specialize in the management of assets that have target dates – for example, the year you retire or send a child to college. We also manage assets that do not have target dates, for example, a reserve account for enhanced financial security.

  1. Life Span Asset Management

When you transition from working years to retirement years you and your spouse may have a 35+ year investment horizon. We recommend the utilization of GlidePath’s life-span investment strategies that use a target date of age 100.

You do not have to change service providers as your needs change. We designed our service to evolve with your requirements.

  1. Risk Zone Management

Your biggest financial risk is not achieving your goals. We manage this risk for you. In fact, we even provide a risk zone management service that reduces your risk during transition years – for example, your transition from working years to retirement years.

  1. Global Portfolio Management

Diversification is your best and easiest way to minimize your risk of large financial losses. That is why we use a global investment strategy and multiple asset classes to manage your assets.

  1. Team of Experienced Professionals

We are not salespeople recommending the purchase of particular investment products. Your assets are managed by a team of GlidePath professionals that has more than 100 years of combined investment experience.

  1. Dedicated Financial Advisor

Each GlidePath client has a dedicated financial advisor. The advisor is responsible for planning and keeping you informed about your portfolio, your performance, and our outlook for the future.

  1. Personalized Plans & Portfolios

We do not believe all 50-year-old investors have the same investment profiles. That is why we do not pool your assets with other clients. You have your own separate portfolio that is based on your specific requirements (expectations, target date, risk tolerance).